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Global Medical Insurance: “Pre-Existing Conditions”

May 12, 2023 by Robert Tillotson – Consultant with Offshore Health Benefits So from time to time, I receive complaints from an individual or a family that their overseas medical insurance plan is not covering a family member, after being approved at 100%, with no pre-existing conditions written in the “Offer” or “Approval Letter.” I…
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Importance Of Medical And Health Insurance For The Expats

Many expats who travel often are unaware of how expensive medical care may be in other countries. Expat health insurance is a terrific way to safeguard your health and the health of your family while also preventing financial hardship. This post will address the benefits of having expat health insurance as well as how to…
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Seven Rules To Follow Before Purchasing An International Medical Plan

#1 Avoid International Medical Insurance Companies Who Delay Claim Reimbursement (Many companies state in their rules that they may have up to 6 months or more to make a decision about your medical claim. A hospital or provider could turn a member into collections and come after you!) Demand to see what the policies read…
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Update from Offshore Health Benefits: March 2023

We are currently booking appointments with current clients and soon to be clients for Jan 2023. We have updated our DO NOT BUY medical insurance lists:VUMI (local brokers worldwide make up to 30% on your premium, very poor claim payment unless medical issue is accident, uses non licensed/bonded agents as “middle men” to avoid conflict…
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What to choose between long-term or short-term insurance policy?

Purchasing health insurance has been a top priority in recent years, but with so many options available for every need such as offshore medical insurance or emergency medical travel insurance it can be challenging to decide which plan is best. The long-term and short-term health plans are two significant categories. It is crucial to comprehend…
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Aetna International – Dropping Individual & Families Abroad in 2022

I just want to inform you all of the following  bulletin just received from Aetna International. We thought this was coming and recommended that expats stop going with Aetna Intl in 2019.  They are focused on “group” only.   Many PSC USAID workers with the PSC will be stranded at renewal time. We encourage everyone to…
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Cities in Costa Rica to Avoid in 2022

Thanks to International Living, we are backing this list and hope you enjoy the beautiful country of Costa Rica without any issues. We offer full blown medical insurance and travel medical insurance to those ready to travel. Just look under Atlas in our Menu at 6 Places to Avoid in Costa Rica

Traveling Abroad? Need Emergency Care Insurance in 2022?

With over 20 years in caring for the world traveler, you can count on the Atlas Emergency Medical Plan for the medical emergency situations. Choose the plan which fits you and your family. Low in cost and we are here 7 days a week to assist you! Let’s chat in Whatsapp: 5122964976 Online info:

HCI – Emergency Plus Medical Plan – Inpatient Only

Did you know that Offshore Health offers a super low-cost medical insurance plan which cover to $500,000 with Inpatient Care. HCI is out of London and does a great job at caring for members. Let’s talk! WhatsApp: 5122964976 Open 7 days a week! Since 2002