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Aetna International – Dropping Individual & Families Abroad in 2022

I just want to inform you all of the following  bulletin just received from Aetna International.

We thought this was coming and recommended that expats stop going with Aetna Intl in 2019.  They are focused on “group” only.   Many PSC USAID workers with the PSC will be stranded at renewal time. We encourage everyone to let us assist if possible. We are a preferred agent with Cigna Global, Allianz, and HCI (London).

Here is statement as of 10 minutes ago:

Aetna International has recently announced changes to their International global organization, focusing on the strength of their integrated CVS Health® and Aetna® capabilities. In the Americas, Aetna International will continue to focus on the U.S. group expat market as well as the Cayman Islands, Canada and Government books of business. They will continue to sell and renew policies for customers with U.S. expats or non-U.S. employees working in the U.S. and discontinue their insurance business across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

(What you need to know )

With this shift in our international business effective November 1, 2022, we will no longer be issuing or renewing Individual policies.

Although your clients’ policy renewal date is some time away, we wanted to let you know as early as possible that we will not be able to provide your clients with coverage after the expiration date of their policies. The terms, conditions and benefits of your clients’ existing policies will stay the same until the expiration date. Claims and pre-approval processes, along with Member Services contact details also remain the same until that time. 

We recommend that you contact your clients in advance of their policy expiration dates, so you can help them get a quote from a suitable insurance provider in a timely manner. We’ve created a message to help you communicate these changes to your clients and included BMI contact information details.       

Thank you 

We have appreciated working with your clients and will continue to provide additional information as it becomes available. In the meantime, if you have questions, contact your Aetna representative. Our goal is to help make this a smooth transition for you and your clients.

Yours sincerely
Aetna International

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Thank you 

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