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Update from Offshore Health Benefits: March 2023

We are currently booking appointments with current clients and soon to be clients for Jan 2023.

We have updated our DO NOT BUY medical insurance lists:
VUMI (local brokers worldwide make up to 30% on your premium, very poor claim payment unless medical issue is accident, uses non licensed/bonded agents as “middle men” to avoid conflict and reject claims as needed, delay after delay with claims while screening for potential “pre-existing” conditions (stated policy say they have over 30 days to make any decisions)……We fired them and do not feel comfortable with any of our clients under this insurance company. Ask them how many claims they have paid in 2022?

IMG – Fired them in 2015 due to horrific claims, communication and denials, huge renewal increases after 2 years. They bring a member in with super low intro rates then price you out every years after.
Seven Corners – one of the worst, non payment of claims, fired years back

WEA – Went bankrupt and actually accepted premiums from expat members after they knew they were going under. In bankruptcy court as I write (Caymans)
Aetna International – sold off local businesses abroad and stop writing all new cases for expatriates.

ACCEPTABLE Expat Insurance Companies:

Cigna Global – You may chose what ever you coverage you need (some expat clients go with inpatient coverage only and purchase local outpatient coverage to cut costs) Cost is higher but we can get you free wellness benefits and possibly 10% off:

HCI – London based Expatriate carrier who just had a major investment. Claims paying is good, if not excellent (we just had a client have her surgery approved and paid for within 4 days, no issues (We our a preferred agent/ broker with 10% off all premiums), offers 6 plan options with a very affordable inpatient only plan.

Atlas Plan – although this is a travel medical emergency plan, one may purchase up to 364 days a year for emergency medical coverage if there is a home country address (expatriates from the USA can not purchase for coverage back in the States):

Our Whatsapp number is 5122964976 and we take calls 7 days a week, happy to assist and meet. Since 2002

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