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Global Health Insurance: Buyer Beware in 2021

So agents and broker who sell individual & family medical insurance, as well as group overseas health plans, make up to 30% commissions annually. Many of these international medical plans are not worth the paper they are written on and these agents know this but keep selling because of the commissions. Denying life saving treatment…
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Tip of Week: Avoid General Agents When Shopping for International Medical Insurance

When shopping the Global Medical Insurance market, make sure YOU ARE NOT dealing with company who uses a General Agent to communicate instead of direct through International Agent/Broker, like Offshore Health Benefits. These insurance companies who engage in this practice simply hide behind General Agents after denying claims or non communication. You have very little…
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Weekly Update

List are Important Issues to Consider and Questions to Ask – Oct 2020 Reinsurance – make sure the proposed international insurance products are underwritten by a strong re-insurer, this is very important. Reinsurers often audit corresponding companies who sell their products.  Also, a strong re-insurer should have strict guidelines in place related to Underwriting, Claim…
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HCC Atlas – Preferred Global Emergency & Travel Cover for Individuals & Families

Customize Your Travel Medical Insurance with the HCC ATLAS PLAN QUOTE : HCC ATLAS Application and Benefits When international travel poses medical and financial risk, Atlas Travel insurance is there. Customize your Atlas Travel plan by choosing your deductible, coverage length, and overall coverage maximum. Atlas Travel Is Designed for Global Travelers Seeking: Coverage for…
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Tip #1 – Purchasing Global Medical Insurance in 2020 – Choose Wisely!

Purchasing Global Medical Insurance in 2020 (Medical Coverage Outside of the USA) One size does not fit all. When choosing a health insurance policy, always remember that one plan doesn’t fit all. A “Bronze” plan may be better for someone who is on a tight budget and younger, like a college kid traveling the world.…
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Cigna Global Health Benefits Individual & Family Health Insurance – Plan Options for Expatriates in 2020

Customize your global health plan, don’t pay for benefits & services you do not need.

USAID (PSC Employees Living & Working Abroad: Update by Offshore Health Benefits for 2019-2020

CLICK HERE TO OBTAIN A CIGNA GLOBAL QUOTE: Cigna Global continues to allow experienced consultants / brokers, like Offshore Health Benefits, to serve as a third party advocate for you and your family (so important with claims, renewals, etc). Aetna International is doing away with brokers & agents in regards to the MHP plan…
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How to Choose a Global Medical Plan in 2021 – Trends & Facts

OFFSHORE HEALTH BENEFITS, LTD. – Panama Before investing in life goals, one must consider international health care insurance coverage to protect against those unexpected medical situations. This is necessary for the well-being of your family, as well as yourself.  You could either obtain a global individual health insurance plan or a family health insurance plan,…
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