Off shore health benefits

Tip of Week: Avoid General Agents When Shopping for International Medical Insurance

When shopping the Global Medical Insurance market, make sure YOU ARE NOT dealing with company who uses a General Agent to communicate instead of direct through International Agent/Broker, like Offshore Health Benefits. These insurance companies who engage in this practice simply hide behind General Agents after denying claims or non communication. You have very little recourse and may be dealing with a part time worker with no experience and no license.

We have learned this through attempting to work with the VUMI Group and other companies. Here how it works: International Broker signs up to sell international plans but instead of working directly under an international insurance company, the medical insurance company forces an agent to use a “General Agent” and many of these agencies DO NOT HAVE LICENSES and ARE NOT BONDED. The insurance company simply dictates whatever decisions they wish and your Agent may not even be able to discuss a claim with the actual Insurance Company. BMI does this as well. It’s a scam. Only work with insurance insurance companies like Cigna Global, HCI, HCC, Aetna International and other companies who work directly with Licensed International Agents and directly with Global Members. Contact for more information. We are here to help at no charge. Since 2002.

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