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Tip #1 – Purchasing Global Medical Insurance in 2020 – Choose Wisely!

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Purchasing Global Medical Insurance in 2020
(Medical Coverage Outside of the USA)

One size does not fit all.

When choosing a health insurance policy, always remember that one plan doesn’t fit all. A “Bronze” plan may be better for someone who is on a tight budget and younger, like a college kid traveling the world. Not everyone requires coverage in the USA, ask if you can omit this and save in premium dollars. We have found that the middle of the line plans, like “Select” or “Gold” plans usually work fine and offer appropriate levels of coverage. There is no reason to overpay for global medical insurance. Limit your total overall plan limits to $1 – $3 million per year. $500,000 plans are becoming more and more popular and are typically lower in annual costs. Many expats are now going with inpatient major medical while purchasing a local low cost clinic style outpatient plan. The can save some big premium dollars.

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