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Global Medical Insurance for Those Who Live Abroad

Applying for International Medical Insurance? Application Tips in 2018-19

From the Desk of Robert Tillotson, Offshore Health Benefits  Fall 2018-19 Update   Now that the summer of 2018 has come to an end and we are focusing on the Fall and 2019, I would like to remind my international friends & clients of how easy it is to apply for international medical insurance. Below…
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Traveling Abroad and a Medical Emergency Happens – What to do in 2018? March 26, 2018 – Tip of the day

Expat Tip of the Day: March 26, 2018 When an emergency medical bill is due, try not to pay anymore that your deductible to a provider, such as a hospitals, clinic, or MD. Let your global medical insurance provider pay direct (we help our members with this). Some providers are known for overcharging and you may…
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