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Global Medical Insurance for Those Who Live Abroad

Purchasing Overseas Medical Insurance in 2019? Here is a Cheat Sheet for ya!

By Robert Tillotson – Consultant at Offshore Health Benefits, Ltd Important Issues to Consider and Questions to Ask – April 2019 Reinsurance – make sure the proposed international insurance products are underwritten by a strong re-insurer, this is very important. Reinsurers often audit corresponding companies who sell their products.  Also, a strong re-insurer should have…
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Applying for International Medical Insurance? Application Tips in 2018-19

From the Desk of Robert Tillotson, Offshore Health Benefits  Fall 2018-19 Update   Now that the summer of 2018 has come to an end and we are focusing on the Fall and 2019, I would like to remind my international friends & clients of how easy it is to apply for international medical insurance. Below…
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