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A reputable Expat Insurance Agent should have years of experience and offer more than one insurance option. There is no such thing “as one size fits all” with international medical insurance.

Offshore Health Benefits, Ltd has never charged an agent or application fee and the rates listed by the insurance carriers online, are the same rates we pass on to our clients. We are Third Party Advocate working on your behalf.

We do, and we are happy to send over a list of such companies which should not be allowed to sell anywhere in the world.

What is that plan? Call our team, we will explain many options in the appeal process.

Offshore Health Benefits, Ltd offers years of experience from the following companies: Aetna International, Aetna US Healthcare, Generali, Medex, Magellan Health, Tilloglobe and more. If an agent is going to consult with individuals & families living and working abroad, he/she should be familiar with both sides of the international health insurance industry. This is achieved through years of experience. Experience is everything. We are licensed and bonded up to $1 million per claim, you may want to ask your agent if he or she is. In summary, Global Health Insurance rates are on the rise at a record speed, in some cases, they are slowly catching up with many domestic plan premiums. You do have options, and we are here to strategize.
Not every Expatriate should consider purchasing an international health plan, this is fact. However, so many people who are relying on an expensive US plan may be surprised at the premiums we can save them while increasing overall coverage.

At Of shore Health Benefits, we do things a little dif erent and have thousands of clients throughout Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, and the Caribbean. Let's talk, it may be time.

~ Robert, Licensed Team Member Serving Latin America & Caribbean

Since 2002, Offshore Health Benefits, Ltd. has assisted thousands of Expatriates Worldwide and have seen just about everything with regards to Medical Claims, Air Ambulance, Local Emergencies, and Overall Global Healthcare.

From Working with Expatriates of USAID in Nicaragua, to helping Teachers with Eco-Green Schooling in Bali, to assisting Retirees in Mexico with Top Rated Hospital admissions, we are here to help. Check us out at

We offer Six Major Expatriate Medical Insurance Carriers, from Smaller Budget Plans to the Larger Global Plan options. If we can’t help you, we will point you in the right direction at no charge. At Offshore Health Benefits, we do things a little different. Let’s talk, it may be time.

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