Our Top Pick for Global Medical Insurance in 2018: The WEA Signature Series “Elite Plan” Offered Through Offshore Health Benefits

Global Medical Insurance for Those Who Live Abroad

WEA Signature Series Application – Eligible Expatriates worldwide may enroll in the WEA International Medical Plan with USA PPO (United Healthcare) through Offshore Health Benefits at any time in 2018 & 2019. There is no charge to assist you. The WEA Signature Medical Plan options include Global Medical, Air Ambulance, Dental (Elite Plan only) and Life-AD&D (up to $100,000 per “non-dependent” member (with acceptance of the Global Medical plan). We have listed the Signature Plan benefits and rates below and encourage all interested employees to set up a Skype call to discuss options. Contact information:

OffshoreHealthBenefits.com / Skype: Offshore Health Benefits

USA Tel. 512-296-4976/ offshorehealthbenefits@gmail.com

We are offering up to $100,000 of Life and AD&D insurance along with the Medical coverage. The Life / AD&D benefits can only be offered along with an approved medical plan. Annual Rates are substantially lower than Aetna International & Cigna International, saving you premium dollars every year.

We are offering the Signature Series CARE, SELECT and ELITE plan options for you and your family to consider. The Elite Plan with a $500-$1000 annual deductible is very popular. The Medical underwriting process is fair and happens quickly in most cases. Medical notes may be required. The main requirement is that the plan start date must be the day a member departs the States or their home country. If the member is presently abroad or outside of the USA at the start date, then all is satisfied. The member would simply use their overseas address and pinpoint a start date of the 1st or 15th of the month in the application. We encourage all to apply online through the link below. The site is safe and protected. Use of an embassy or consulate street address is sufficient to meet this Non USA requirement, we can always update the system with longer term global address at a late time. Participants can use a U.S. address, including DPO/APO address, for credit card payments. Member kits and cards will be sent via e-mail only. A member must have a Non – USA address and live outside of the States for at least 6 months out of the year. The rates are annual not monthly and we highly recommend the ELITE plan with Dental. Not all countries are accepted however, we do offer other global insurance through HCI (London) who may be able to step it. We have sold the WEA plans since 2014 and perform audits annually. We give the company and plan options ranking of 94%, which is high.

WEA Global Medical Application (apply here): Online WEA Application

The WEA plan is offered through Offshore Health Benefits and the contract is written through Lloyd’s of London via the PA Group and member. Offshore Health Benefits has served thousands of Expatriates and their families since 2002.

Through United Health care, the plan offers a vast USA PPO national network, prescriptions at most pharmacies, Med-Evac coverage, etc. If you have questions, it is best to consult with our office prior to purchasing the plan. We are glad to set up a time to discuss the plan benefits at no charge. We do not recommend the CARE plan due to low reimbursement levels for Inpatient and Emergency Care in the States. The Elite plan offers a dental plan, therefore we recommend this at as a “top pick.”

WEA Global Medical Plan – Long Term Coverage (CARE/SELECT/ELITE):

Long Term Medical Coverage is for those employees who live outside of their home country for at least 12 months and need a renewable health plan which offers a guaranteed renewal to age 74 and access to healthcare back in their home county, like the USA. The WEA Elite plan is very often a perfect fit and offers Life Insurance, Dental and Air Evacuation.

WEA 2017 Signature Healthcare Plan Brochure (comparison)


WEA Signature Rate Sheet 2017-18 (Elite Plan with Worldwide Cover – Most Popular)

WEA Life Insurance with AD&D (can choose up to $100,000 for Employee only, medical cover is required):

WEA 2018 Life Insurance Option

WEA Travel Assistant Rider: (important add on for lost luggage, trip assistance, legal representation, etc)

Travel Assistance – WEA 2017

WEA Global Medical Application (apply here): Online WEA Application

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