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Since 2002, Offshore Health Benefits has offered the top rated international medical insurance plans which include a guaranteed annual renewal, air ambulance & evacuation, global medical coverage and access to highly ranked private hospitals throughout the world.

Did you know there is global expatriate health insurance that simply does not offer renewals and if a member falls ill, he/she could just be dropped at renewal time which could lead to being uninsured and large out of pocket costs. Why not plan a Skype call with our consulting team and let’s work through the questions and specific situation.

We do not offer overpriced global medical insurance and we do not offer insurance carriers who do a poor job at paying claims, we fire them. At Offshore Heath Benefits, a member receives an annual claims audit at no charge. We only work with insurance carriers who pay claims and offer affordable annual rates to Expatriates living abroad.

It is always best to speak with one of our Global Medical Consultants prior to making any purchasing decisions. Do not go direct when purchasing a plan; you may need an experienced Third Party Advocate to assist you with a global insurance claim, annual renewal, plan change, or air ambulance matter. We charge nothing to help and the carrier’s published book rates are exactly the same as our rates. We are more than happy to reach out to you via Skype or telephone.

Our consulting team has assisted with the negotiation of millions of dollars in medical claims since 2002.

From Mexico to Bali, we cover everyone. At Offshore Health Benefits, Ltd. there is never an agent fee. Contact our team today for a global medical quote –

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