Air Ambulance & Evacuation Programs. An Overview from 30,000 Feet up.

Global Medical Insurance for Those Who Live Abroad


When choosing an air ambulance & evacuation plan, the premium is calculated by plan coverage limits, deductible, overall benefit design, time traveling in a foreign country, region of travel, and the ages of each member. There are two types of services: “regional assistance & evacuation” and “return home” evacuation. 

A plan may be offered on a standalone basis or offered to compliment a full-blown renewable twelve month global expatriate medical insurance plan. What are the differences you ask? We can explain.

Many air ambulance plans are not what they appear to be. Would you choose to be flown home or to a regional care center? How will your medical insurance plan communicate with your air ambluance partner? Do you have a medical plan back in your home country? Who will pay? Who will make the decision if you are flown home or to another hospital in foreign country? Planned departure or life threatening situation from an ICU bed in a hospital?  Let’s talk this through. 

Make sure your air ambulance service has the ability to work with your international medical plan, if not, you could be overcharged by thousands. It happens. You don’t need surprises after the fact. Call our team for answers. We are open for Skype consultations at no charge. 

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