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Offshore Medical Health Benefits offers the top-rated international Long Term Medical Insurance Plans which include a guaranteed annual renewal (after medical underwriting approval), air ambulance & medical evacuation, global medical coverage and access to highly ranked private hospitals throughout the world.


These plans are designed for individuals traveling outside their home country. Coverage options are designed for trips from 5 days-12 months and can be extended easily online and utilized by a United States citizens traveling overseas, non-US citizens visiting the United States, international travelers requiring continuing coverage and more.


When choosing an air ambulance & evacuation plan, the rate of plan coverage is reflective of time traveling in a foreign country, region of travel, and the ages of each member. A plan may be offered on a stand alone basis or offered with a full blown renewable twelve month global expatriate medical insurance plan. What are the differences you ask? We can explain.

International Medical Insurance & Air Ambulance for People Living and Traveling Around the World.

Global Health Insurance for Expats. Contact Offshore Medical for answers today.
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Air and Ambulance
Featured Members – Meet Erin and Steve


Offshore Medical Coverage for Caribbean Nomads, like these two, Erin and Steve. These members have been covered for over 12 years by Offshore Health Benefits slong with thousands across the Caribbean & Latin America.


Never purchase a plan off the internet before talking with a licensed experienced consultant


From the Cayman Islands to Barbados, we have you covered with Global Medical Coverage.


Air Ambulance is included with all plans travel and twelve month live abroad insurance plans.



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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what Offshore Medical Health Benefits clients say:

“Low premiums, great communication, year in and year out. We LOVE Offshore Health Benefits for our long term plan in the British Islands

Steve & Erin Bond – Caribbean

since 2014

I have been with the Offshore Health Benefits here in the BVI for three years and have had every claim paid on time, Robert charges nothing to assist and is always there to help. Cheers to the Offshore Health Benfefits!

Captain Steve Fisher – BVI

Jan 4, 2018

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re running into the same obstacles over and over again? Offshore Health Benefits provided us the help we needed to secure Air and Ambulance coverage for our Expat travel after the election.

John & Nancy Hason – Costa Rica

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