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International Medical Insurance-Offshore Health Benefits medical insurance planning at no charge

Offshore Health Benefits, LTD is an experienced international medical insurance consulting firm that advising expatriates, third country nationals, and locals with international medical products and services. Offshore Health Benefit’s consulting team works with individuals, families, small and large businesses, associations and governments throughout the Caribbean, Latin America and beyond. We are a solution-based organization with over 16 years of international insurance experience offering a comprehensive line of international insurance products designed to fit the needs of the global citizen and traveler. Simply put, we work with everyone, 7 days a week.

At Offshore Health Benefits, LTD we recognize that our international clients have a variety of international medical insurance needs depending on age, geographic location, and personal & family medical history. As a result, we offer a number of highly-rated products and services backed by the most trusted international insurance companies in the industry at a fraction of the cost. Our goal is to listen first, discuss options, and offer sound recommendations that everyone can understand with your international medical insurance needs. Experience, timely communication, and reliability are everything when it comes to you, your family, and employee’s health and well being.

Our consulting team has gained years of valuable experience in international medical insurance planning and while working for Aetna International, Aetna Global Benefits, Generalli, Medex, Magellan Health, and CoVantage. Based in Belize, Offshore Health Benefits, LTD has grown to represent thousands of people from the United States, Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Canada and all walks of life. From Students & Retirees to Non Profits & Small Business, we handle just about every group stationed abroad.

We represent Aetna International, PA Group, IMG, Cigna, HCC, Healthcare International, and Nomad Travel Insurance at no charge to our members. Our focus is to provide international medical insurance around the globe with no consultation fees.

Contact international medical insurance consulting s

ervices at 512.296.4976 or 888.893.4531 or email:, twitter: OffshoreHealth

We take calls 7 days a week!

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